A girl, a dog & a blog…how I outfit my life.

Welcome to my first blog post. Since leaving college behind me in May I had to get a full-time job, find a place to live on my own and start living the grown-up life! What a harsh reality…

  1. First reality, internships are everything. I had two internships while in college. The last one turned into my current job. I am a Marketing Manager for a small software company.
  2. Second reality, when finding an apartment always have a plan B. My plan B had to turn into my plan A. However my plan A was meant to be! I even had movers thrown in for free, and it’s the perfect apartment for me and my puppy.
  3. Third reality, dogs are a lot of work and money. I have a golden Labrador named Bella. She is 10 months old and still growing! Bella got up close and personal with a hornet and she had to go to the puppy ER at 3 am on a Monday night! Not a cheap adventure…
  4. Fourth reality, living is expensive. I found that my shopaholic ways had to subside if I cared to eat. Even being an electricity nazi has not helped my budget.
  5. Fifth reality, laundry is not overrated. It really is important when you are single. (Figuratively speaking.) I learned the luxury of a dryer as I have been living without one for 3 months now. Imagine hang-drying every item you own…socks, panties, jeans. I now have a dryer but my boyfriend has not hooked it up amidst 3 failed attempts.

More reality checks to come…Being on your own at 21 years old really is a reality check!


7 thoughts on “A girl, a dog & a blog…how I outfit my life.

  1. so here’s a fun little story… when I moved to Phoenix all alone at 24 I was so excited about this “new life” I was about to have… Oh dear…

    I had a jeep at the time and when I got to U-Haul to pick up my trailer I was told they couldn’t attach anything to a jeep. So I moved with some bedding, clothes, an alarm clock and whatever else I could cram in the back seat. Helloooo?!?!?!?!

  2. Hello Miss Jackie,

    Very cute blog. I had a dream last night that I picked up a puppy that looked just like Bella and brought her home. Dana was not happy with me and I hid her under the bed…..lol.

    • That is so funny!!!! I miss my Bella…I am back at my apartment from staying at my parents house for days and Chris is supposed to bring Bell over later 🙂

  3. Love the pic of you and B-monster 🙂 Funny how all the stuff I warned you about has turned into your reality (importance of internships, the costs of living on your own)….good thing you’ve got Bella to keep you company!

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