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Working Girl

Tomorrow is my first day at my new job. Naturally, my first obvious worry is what to wear on my first day. I think it is a casual work environment but jeans just don’t feel right for the first day. My go-to work outfit has always been jeans, tee or tank and 3/4 sleeve cardigan … Continue reading

The Deception of Outlet Shopping

Yesterday I went to the Round Rock Premium Outlets with no real purpose but to accompany a friend. It got me thinking of how much I tend to dislike outlet/factory stores. I went to college in a town that was also known for it’s outlet mall – San Marcos. Although that one is far better … Continue reading


Maybe I’m a little late on this but…I recently discovered Polyvore, and I am obsessed! For weeks I was wondering where and how others on Pinterest were creating their own collages into one pin. Ah ha! Exhibit A : will now consume your time. If you were once clueless like me, Polyvore is a … Continue reading


I am pleased to announce that I now sell Silpada. I love fashion, which in turn means I love jewelry and accessories. Prior to this decision to become a Silpada rep, I started a large collection of Silpada jewelry and hosted a few parties. I love hosting things; any excuse to have drinks and apps … Continue reading

Something Expensive?

Something borrowed, something blue, something old…We’ve all watched in awe as crazy bride-to-be’s spent upwards of $10,000 on their special dress on those TLC shows. I can’t help but wonder how much should the average girl spend on their dress? What is the “social norm” ? I used to think I would have to have … Continue reading

“To give is to receive.”

Before I admit something totally embarrassing, I’d like to start out with a little reminder…What’s the true meaning of Christmas? December 25th is the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We gather with our family and friends and share good times, good food and presents. Christmas means celebration, decoration and giving. So why … Continue reading

Bust Out Your Boots

The best thing about winter is ________. BOOTS!!!!!! I’m totally obsessed with boots. I even have a pinboard devoted to this obsession. Since I recently made a serious investment in a Macbook, I have to refrain from any boot purchases for now…but that doesn’t mean they won’t be all over my Christmas wish list! Here’s a … Continue reading

The Dolman Sleeve

Dolman tops are majorly trending right now, and I for one am in love. They are comfy, cozy and effortlessly cute. There’s one rule when it comes to these roomy tops…always go smaller in size than your usual. Most often you will want to get a size smaller than you normally would, to keep them … Continue reading

Trending: Cross-Body Purses

Although they’re usually fairly small in size, cross-body purses are very popular right now. I find them easy to grab and take to crowded outings or traveling where bustling people might otherwise bump into a large hobo jutting from my side. I have a few varieties of them right now, but my most recent carry … Continue reading

Perfect to a Tee

The search for the perfect white tee is ongoing for me. Recently I did an overhaul in my closet and realized just how many white tees I own. I think an array of solid color tee shirts are a closet staple. However, a good white tee is hard to come by. It must have the … Continue reading