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Spring time, bikini time

My family has always joked about my huge bathing suit collection. It’s true – I have a problem that cannot be contained to the confines of one small drawer in my bedroom dresser. I love any excuse for the purchase of a new one. Victoria Secret is my stand by and go-to choice for most … Continue reading

The Dolman Sleeve

Dolman tops are majorly trending right now, and I for one am in love. They are comfy, cozy and effortlessly cute. There’s one rule when it comes to these roomy tops…always go smaller in size than your usual. Most often you will want to get a size smaller than you normally would, to keep them … Continue reading

Market Research Group

Recently I had a very cool opportunity sitting in my inbox. At first I was weary that it was a scam…I was “selected” to participate in a fashion panel discussion about “a retail store I frequent” and they had my email because I had signed up for the store’s emails. Well, that narrowed it down … Continue reading

Trending: Cross-Body Purses

Although they’re usually fairly small in size, cross-body purses are very popular right now. I find them easy to grab and take to crowded outings or traveling where bustling people might otherwise bump into a large hobo jutting from my side. I have a few varieties of them right now, but my most recent carry … Continue reading

Craft Update

Here are some pictures of my progress on former projects mentioned… Note: My flower pallet project is on hold…I decided to plant some cacti in the current blazing heat here.