Meat Eater Goes Veggie

The fashion in me loves the vegan in these new totes…

Luxury Vegan  purses are new on the scene & featured in the latest magazines. For more info on my new find check this out:

Even though I may enjoy my hamburgers and steak, I can appreciate a vegan outlook. While browsing a new boutique close to my apartment, I came across these purses. They appeared to be leather however they were marked with a tag as “certified vegan”. How very trendy! Of course, I had to try one…so this afternoon I swapped my gold stained leather Coach purse for one of these beauties! I wouldn’t be surprised to find these bags popping up in other stores around the hippie-chic Austin area. Now, let’s see if it can hold up to the bricks I carry around daily…


5 thoughts on “Meat Eater Goes Veggie

  1. Yumm. Vegan leather. I’ll take it.

    I am also a leather lover (one of the roadblocks between my vegetarianism becoming veganism) and the one complaint I have about vegan leather is that it is often more pricey than regular leather. Not good for a girl on a budget/an animal lover!

    Blog away, Girl + Dog 🙂

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