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After 3 weeks of the Whole30, I’ve made a few observations. 1. I feel and look the same. 2. It’s mostly not that hard except for no alcohol or fun fall-y Starbucks lattes I love. 3. It’s impossible to follow at “said French liquor restaurant and liquor bar” in Chicago. 4. It’s just not working … Continue reading

Long Day, Quick Update

Day 4 of Whole30 completed. But I almost stalked the pizza guy when I got home from work at 7:30 tonight, and some unhealthy hooligan/neighbor had ordered pizza. Bleh ground chicken stir fry was what I got. I’m so tired of cooking already! Not to mention I have managed to spend over $100 on organic, … Continue reading

30 Whole Days

I would like to preface this post with a minor confession. I am going on a girls trip to New Orleans this weekend. I will be bad, and eat beignets. Ok, now that I put that out there… My sister and I are starting The Whole30 Challenge Monday, September 17th. I know we can do … Continue reading

Chocolate Chili

After a wonderful book signing event with Melissa Joulwan and her paleo cookbook ‘Well Fed’, I had new paleo inspiration and was dying to put it to use. Ironically, becoming paleo has caused me to become more of a chef in the kitchen. I like to mix it up sometimes now! I made her Chocolate … Continue reading

The Primal Challenge

I have never been one to follow a diet for more than a day. I eat what I want, when I want it. I am not known for having a lot of self control…whether we’re talking about the pair of shoes I must have even though they are too expensive or the cookie I don’t … Continue reading

Old Fashioned Austin Burger Joint

I have heard about Dan’s Hamburgers and seen the old timey signs, but the other day I got to experience one of their jalapeño cheeseburgers filled with greasy goodness. Oh, and I must give homage to the curly fries…yum. I would def go back! Perhaps my new carnivore haven…uh-oh Mighty Fine, watch out! In exchange for a ride to … Continue reading

Sandwiches by Celeb

In celebration of my birthday last week, my boss took us out for lunch at a restaurant of my choice. Sandra Bullock owns two restaurants in Austin, one of which is Walton’s Fancy and Staple. It is a deli/bakery up front and a florist shop in the back. I had a Build-My-Own 1/2 Roast Beef Sandwich and 1/2 Salad … Continue reading