Hi! For those of you who haven’t met me, my name is Jacqueline Kincke. I graduated from Texas State in May of 2010. I currently live and work in central Texas. I am in marketing, more or less for the technology industry. But my job is only one small part of me…

I have a passion for shopping (that borders on shopaholic-problematic, obsessiveness). I know that every girl thinks they do, but I really think  I have an eye for bargains and finding a style for individuals that suit them. I absolutely hate to hear someone say “I love it, but I could never wear that!” I believe it’s all about confidence, and you’re personal style can shine through in many ways however you want it to. I love vintage but also appreciate trends. I believe in the power of a new accessory- the right piece can turn your bad mood into happy and your drab outfit into fab.

Oh, I’m also an animal lover…so don’t be surprised to see some posts on how to keep your furry friends in top-notch style as well. My yellow Labrador Bella Bug is my daughter, thus I tend to talk about her as if she was a real human child…and as she should be!

A year ago I started this blog writing about the new experiences I encountered in my recent graduate life. I feel its time for a transformation though. Since I do not work in the fashion industry or anything close, this blog will become my creative outlet for all things fashion: trends, clothes, beauty, even cooking. I appreciate all forms of style but that doesn’t mean I won’t critique them 😉 . The true purpose of my posts are to inspire, inform and review. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. thanks for the little escape you created for me this morning. Just reading the blog takes me back to those younger days….I will certainly check out the perfect T this week!

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