I’m getting married!!!!! After 7 years of dating, my boyfriend proposed to me 🙂 I am still getting used to saying “fiancé” instead of boyfriend. I can’t believe it’s finally happening! Now I’m caught up in a whirlwind of things to do even though we want a year engagement. Who knew that you really, truly needed that long to plan. Overwhelming to say the least. So I thought to myself, if I’m planning the logistics this far out, why not start planning to look my best in my dress. I’m back on the paleo bandwagon after many bumps on the road the past few weeks. “Ok, Jackie let’s do this.” Here’s one of my favorite paleo dinner dishes…I”ll call it –

Hooray I Can Eat Bacon :

-yellow squash



-can of Rotel

-boneless skinless chicken breast

All you need is a big pan with a lid, and a small pan for cooking the bacon. Chop up the bacon and cook 90% of the way in the small pan. Coat the large pan with EVOO and cook the chicken to 90% done. Put the heat on low and then add the bacon and Rotel to the large pan, and put the lid on. Stir every few minutes so the Rotel doesn’t burn. You can season with salt/pepper/season salt but it doesn’t really even need it!


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