After 3 weeks of the Whole30, I’ve made a few observations.

1. I feel and look the same.

2. It’s mostly not that hard except for no alcohol or fun fall-y Starbucks lattes I love.

3. It’s impossible to follow at “said French liquor restaurant and liquor bar” in Chicago.

4. It’s just not working for me.

I have come to the conclusion that these findings are true for me, because my health choice for the past few months has been 80-20 mix of paleo anyway. So Whole30 just hasn’t been all that drastically different for me. And frankly I don’t plan on continuing.

So call my venture the Whole15. Fine. Whatever. I have tried three hybrid lifestyle changes (as I cringe to call them diets) and I think I may have a hybrid solution. I’m going to continue limiting alcohol and dairy but focus my core regimen on living gluten-free. I stand by my claim and truth to grains making me slow and bloaty, and I prefer the majority of my days without them. These days so many folks have celiacs or gluten allergies of some sort; there are so many options and easy ways to live a gluten-free life! In trying to balance my work, life, gym schedule I’m still figuring out what works for me so we’ll see but I think I’m getting pretty darn close.

Tomorrow we’re having a member get together at the gym, and I’m making one of my favorite recipes right now to share.

Kale Salad a la Whole Foods


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