Long Day, Quick Update

Day 4 of Whole30 completed. But I almost stalked the pizza guy when I got home from work at 7:30 tonight, and some unhealthy hooligan/neighbor had ordered pizza. Bleh ground chicken stir fry was what I got. I’m so tired of cooking already! Not to mention I have managed to spend over $100 on organic, grass-fed healthy things in just 4 days. So this is why our country has such a high obesity rate. It’s too expensive to be healthy! Ridiculous! Only to make my Whole30 more challenging, work has been stressful. Why is September such a busy month for tech trade shows? And then there’s that nagging marketing budget and planning that won’t leave me alone. I very possibly might have nightmares that include excel spreadsheets and leads with bad contact information. My rough day brightened when I got home and lit my fall candles and plugged in new wallflowers. (I have a sick obsession with Bath and Body Works Home.) Day 5, BRING IT ON.


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