Overdue and Overdone

Bikram work out #1 in over a year…completed. Two of my friends came with me and we all stripped down to our sports bras in the first ten minutes. That room is hot!! I plan on forcing myself to go once a week for the next few weeks. I’ll keep you posted as to my progress. Let’s just say… I sat down a lot during this practice. Once I get more serious I intend to buy The Mat from Lululemon. It has an anti-slip coating and sweat absorbtion, therefore it’s worthy of $68 or so I’m told.

CrossFit work out #1 after a 6-day break…somehow survived. Although, I didn’t think I would when I seriously thought I was going to throw up in the warm-up. Perhaps hot, sweaty yoga (aka maximum dehydration) the night before, followed by maximum coffee and minimum food the day of was not such a smart idea on my part. “Nancy” you kicked my butt. I’ll do better in 6 weeks when we meet again.


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