Fat or Flat?

Lately I have such a shoe debacle. Since our coaches at Milestone CrossFit like to keep the workouts secret until you arrive for your torture, I never know what to wear. It’s become such a joke with me and my sister. We are ridiculous and fret over what’s the best outfit for the day’s WOD. I am such a fan of flat shoes but my running technique leaves much to be desired – and therefore I need some cushion. Before my discovery of CrossFit, I was an Asics fan and Nike Shox wearer. Once I got into the heavy lifting, I realized these were not the most optimal shoes for performance. I love, love, love my Nike frees and can’t seem to find anything that is better for anonymous WODs. They never steer me wrong. My new Chucks, love them to death, will definitely steer me so very wrong when sprints or anything more than a 400 meter run is in the cards. It’s such a stressful, ridiculous, mental debate when going to the gym…what shoes to wear!? Has anyone found anything comparable to the Nike Frees that I should look into? I like to try new shoes…but the last two purchases were both returned after one quick-barely wear (Asics Rush 33 and Nike Free 3.0). I need something flat-ish but good for running! I’ve considered the Nike Lunarglide and Nike Dual Fusion. Thoughts? Here’s what I’m workin with currently…(and yes a girl does need more than 3 options).



10 thoughts on “Fat or Flat?

  1. i heart my saucony’s, the thin pair i bought around new years…can’t remember the model but i’ll show you, they are awesome and thing when lifting but sturdy enough for running last nights 2x800m’s

  2. Why did you return the Nike Frees 3.0. I just got those and they feel great. Granted I have yet to work out in them but they feel as good as the regular frees, maybe even better. They are flatter than the regulars so I feel like they would be better for lifting…no?

    • Ya no…I lifted in them at 24 hour and promptly returned them…the tongue was super crunchy and not break-in-able. And they were too heavy…the other Frees we both have are way lighter in my opinion.

      • oh interesting. I will have to look at which ones you had because my new ones are lighter and no tongue just stretchiness

  3. Asics does a minimalist shoe–the gel blur–pretty flat, I’ve worn them for a couple WODs + you can run in them and they won’t eff up your feet!

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