I am pleased to announce that I now sell Silpada. I love fashion, which in turn means I love jewelry and accessories. Prior to this decision to become a Silpada rep, I started a large collection of Silpada jewelry and hosted a few parties. I love hosting things; any excuse to have drinks and apps is wonderful to me. I like Silpada because it’s all real jewels and quality sterling silver pieces. It’s jewelry you can pass on to your children and grandchildren one day, because it’s timeless and durable. I’m a silver girl and make it a personal daily challenge to see how much jewelry I can pile on when going anywhere other than the gym. It’s fun and I like it. I’ve never been super sales-minded so I was hesitant to get started. I’m not selling for the profit, that’s just an added bonus. I love the product, and I have fun girl’s nights! Here’s a few of my favorite pieces right now…

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One thought on “Silpadaish

  1. The pink necklace is my absolute favorite piece. It’s so simple so it can be worn with anything yet it dresses up any shirt you wear it with!

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