The Primal Challenge

I have never been one to follow a diet for more than a day. I eat what I want, when I want it. I am not known for having a lot of self control…whether we’re talking about the pair of shoes I must have even though they are too expensive or the cookie I don’t really need that looks wonderful – I just can’t resist and I see no reason why I really should. It’s terrible. I know.

I have recently been practicing self-control and changing my ways for the first time EVER. My CrossFit box is doing an 8 week paleo challenge. I am currently in week 7. At first, I didn’t really know why I was doing it…I just thought all my friends were so I joined the band wagon for lack of anything stopping me. After just a few days, I realized this thing was for real and I was already seeing results. My ultimate goal became – lower my body fat percentage. I am definitely on a great path, well on my way to my goal.

What is paleo? Basically, no grains, dairy or sugars. This rules out alcohol and even all natural sweeteners. Some that follow the paleo lifestyle are more lienenet on the sugars, allowing honey and agave nectar and therefore tequila. I certainly miss honey and now notice how prevalent it is in so many recipes I want to make. (Another bonus to this challenge – it has forced me to become a more creative cook, and forced my boyfriend to eat healthier!)

I have surprised myself. Of course I have cheated here and there, but this challenge has shown me I really like this kind of clean eating. I would venture to say it is responsible for my new size 0-2 pants, shorts and skirts (giving me a reason to buy new ones of course) AND I am getting stronger. I plan on continuing eating paleo with a healthy 80/20 or 90/10 mix (80 percent paleo, 20 percent not). It’s really pretty easy when I am at home, I just don’t keep anything non-paleo friendly on hand. When I’m out and about I try my best but cheat if I really want/must.

I’m not just blindly following this crazy mentality either. I have been reading the supporting theories and reasoning behind the madness. My go-to sources for paleo knowledge have been Robb Wolf and various great bloggers/authors. Check out some of these ideas and paleo beliefs, if you want to hear more. There’s SO many more I discover every day, these are just my go-to favorites currently.

Robb Wolf : The Paleo Solution

Melissa Joulwan : The Clothes Make The Girl

Liz, the Blogging Cave Girl : Cave Girl Eats

Post challenge pictures coming soon 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Primal Challenge

  1. Thanks Brian! I’m so thankful for my Milestone family. I know everyone says this, but CrossFit has changed my life in so many great ways!

  2. Congrats! I’m thinking about making the jump to Paleo. I’ would say I eat that way 75% of the time. My only down side is the girl scout cookies I bought recently.

    • Haha! You can do it! Once you start resisting those things it starts to get easier, don’t you think? I have somehow managed not to buy any girl scout cookies this season, but Jelly Belly jelly beans on the other hand…that’s another story!

  3. i’ve told you so many times that you’re stronger than you know, now you’ve finally proven it to yourself 🙂 i’m really really proud of you and will reiterate again, you’re my fitness idol, keep up the great work sis!

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