Something Expensive?

royal wedding

Photo Credit : James Hill for The New York Times

Something borrowed, something blue, something old…We’ve all watched in awe as crazy bride-to-be’s spent upwards of $10,000 on their special dress on those TLC shows. I can’t help but wonder how much should the average girl spend on their dress? What is the “social norm” ? I used to think I would have to have something so unique, designed just for me and hence not bought off the rack. As I mature, I know that is a little ridiculous. It seems The Limited thought so too, when they introduced a line of dresses geared toward the modern girl. All priced under $500, they were nothing to write home about in my opinion but all the same a decent buy. Apparently there aren’t enough of us out there interested in purchasing our fairytale wedding dress at The Limited. They simply cannot sell the things…now on a fire sale, they’re all under $100! Check it : The Limited Official Website


One thought on “Something Expensive?

  1. ‘Bout time someone was reasonable…I’m getting really tired of the folks who storm into the bridal salons (on tv) and make a big scene of picking a dress, have horrible, awful family and friends (not all but many) who berate and are rude to the bride and then some how, at the end of it all she picks some absurdly expensive dress and they all act like they haven’t been compeltely rude to her. Sorry my rant on Say Yes to the Dress, which I actually do enjoy watching….but seriously kudos to The Limited for being reasonable. JCrew also does a good line of reasonable and pretty wedding attire.

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