“To give is to receive.”

Christmas TreeBefore I admit something totally embarrassing, I’d like to start out with a little reminder…What’s the true meaning of Christmas?

December 25th is the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We gather with our family and friends and share good times, good food and presents. Christmas means celebration, decoration and giving. So why is it so easy to forget the true purpose of this day? Is it slightly sad that the first thing that tends to come to mind in preparation for this one day a year is shopping (totally insane, mad, crazy shopping)?

I have a problem. It’s called selfishness. When Christmas comes around my wish list gets out of control, and my brain tends to get sidetracked with greedy personal present lust. Well here I will put things in order. Here is my gift GIVING guide…after all it’s better to give than to receive (repeat ten times twice daily to cure selfish Christmas symptoms).

For a unisex gift: TOMS – Buy a pair, give a pair. When you purchase a pair of shoes, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need.

Teal Pop Herringbone Women’s Classics $54

For the girls: Raven and Lily – Jewelry and other goods are made by refugee women in India and Ethiopia. Raven and Lily help empower these women and strengthen communities. Proceeds go to education, healthcare and micro-loans.

Zia Gold Leather Leaf Earring $22.00

For furry, four-legged friends: Gifts that Give features a variety of products that donate $1 of every $5 you spend to a specified charity.

Toss Designs Congo Dog Lead $17

For the home: Worldofgood.com is an Ebay-owned, multi-seller site that turns your shopping into support for a cause. “Goodprint” labels on every product give you insight into what different products benefit.

Recycled Beer Bottle Beer Bottle Taper Holder $22

For men: When you shop from the LIVESTRONG Store, 100% of proceeds support survivor programs and services; helping the lives of people affected by cancer. Many retailers partner with the LIVESTRONG store, giving you plenty of cool gift options for that special someone.

Men’s LIVESTRONG “Fight Like Hell” Tee $25

Give twice as much by shopping these finds!

*Special thanks to @monicaq10 for introducing me to Raven and Lily.*


2 thoughts on ““To give is to receive.”

  1. Love the gifting guide, you’re dead on about this holiday turning into something that makes us completely forget what we’re supposed to be remembering. Instead Black Friday and Cyber Monday call our names and get the best of most of us.

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