cafetière à piston

My birthday has come and gone. I am another year older and wiser. From my generous birthday haul, I received a French Press. My French Press gets me out of bed in the morning and fuels me with extra caffeine. If you love coffee and you have never used a French Press, I highly suggest. It’s very simple and gives a full-bodied flavor. I use my French Press more than my coffee maker now. Here are my easy steps to making coffee from a French Press:

1. Warm water on stove top. Remove water from heat just before it boils.
2. Put coffee grounds in bottom of French press. (I put about 3 scoops of coffee grounds normally.)
3. Pour water to first line – you need at least an inch of space open at the top. (See my picture for further explanation.)
4. Stir coffee grounds around in the water. Leave to soak for about 3-4 minutes.
5. Make sure the press is evenly screwed onto the handle. Slowly plunge press into the water until you reach the bottom and handle is completely plunged.
6. Add in your usual coffee trimmings. Enjoy!

For some background on the French Press, check out what Wikipedia has to say:


2 thoughts on “cafetière à piston

  1. So glad you love the French Press. The coffee is so good with these great little pots. A great way to wake up (that is only if you are not counting Bella’s wake ups)

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