A Beauty Lover’s Must : Birchbox

Birchbox. Have you heard of it? Girls have blogs devoted solely to these little surprise packages of brand name beauty. When my cousin Katherine told me about this fantastic idea, the beauty fanatic in me knew I had to sign up. So if you haven’t yet been introduced, here’s the scoop:

You take a beauty and style survey that is a few pages long. It asks you thinks like skin type, likes/dislikes, hair color, etc.  You sign up for a membership which you can pay monthly or in one lump sum. I chose monthly, so every month my checking account is automatically debited $10. (A small price to pay for the value of the box!) around the 7th of each month you will receive a pretty pink box full of trial size beauty products and a note card explaining each product and the price of the full size. If you like the trial product, which is normally bigger than your average sample, then you can order the real deal from www.birchbox.com. Best of all, if you review the products which you receive monthly then you earn points towards your purchases on the site.

Beware, some month’s boxes are better than others but don’t get discouraged too fast. I’m on my second box and it’s been so-so. I’m holding out for a Nars’ lip gloss or something equally wonderful. If you’re interested in signing up please let me know so I can send you a referral link via email!

Here’s some pictures from my September box. Note the cute pink box it ships in and the pretty brown box that holds the beauty treats inside.


One thought on “A Beauty Lover’s Must : Birchbox

  1. I loved the Jouer stuff and the face oil. My bracelet ripped because I was trying too hard to make it smaller (tiny wrist syndrome!!!) I think nail strips in general are a total rip off, but I haven’t tried these yet…I liked last month’s box a little bit better! Make sure you give them feedback because you get points for it 🙂

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