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Recently I had a very cool opportunity sitting in my inbox. At first I was weary that it was a scam…I was “selected” to participate in a fashion panel discussion about “a retail store I frequent” and they had my email because I had signed up for the store’s emails. Well, that narrowed it down for me automatically because I hate junk in my email and rarely sign up to be on emails lists on my personal email. A local market research group was performing the study and I would be compensated $100 for two hours of my time. Sweet!! I checked into the details, and it seemed legit. I went through the prescreen call which only took a minute and then I had homework. I’ve been out of college for 1 year and making a collage was not something I have done in many years…The homework assignment was to create a fashion collage of sorts- “a fashion board” to represent my style and opinions on fashion. I may or may not have gotten a little bit too into this project………

Whoever had the most favored board (from the client’s perspective) would win an additional $100 gift card. I was determined. Sadly my determination and hard work was not enough…even though I have to say mine was pretty damn good…I didn’t win. I did however get $100 cash for giving my thoughts and time on a Tuesday evening. Not bad. I’d do it again for sure!

I’m sure you’re all wondering who the study was for…

Urban Outfitters. If you’re a fan, you can think of me when you sign up for their customer loyalty program they will launch in 2012, of which I helped shape. Pretty neat.


One thought on “Market Research Group

  1. That fashion panel seems like a smart way to take the temperature of consumers interested in the new trends & current styles Urban Outfitters obviously strives to present in the market place. Sounds like a fun experience.

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