Summer Closet Cleanse

When I moved into my new apartment this summer, my closet space shrunk to nearly a third of what I had in the old place. What was I thinking??? Ya right, like all of my once-must-have wardrobe pieces could cram into this new closet that some man must have labeled a “walk-in closet”. (Let me tell you, not at all a walk-in…more like a stand-in-front-of closet with the doors open and boxes of shoes in any floor space that was once available.) I have tried time and again to purge my collection of all the things I really never touch, but like all collectors of the useless, I cannot seem to get rid of enough! The next week will be my official binge cleaning and I am determined to make some space for old and potential new belongings. So in preparation I am researching must-have pieces for fall and deciding on timeless pieces that I should keep. Some questions keep nagging the side of my brain that is sensible- How many pairs of shoes do I really need? Which ones are staples and which ones should I give away? Should I get rid of winter clothes before winter even arrives? I’m notorious for getting rid of clothes and regretting my decision…

How do you approach your closet cleansing? Tips, please?

The Black Hole


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