Perfect to a Tee

The search for the perfect white tee is ongoing for me. Recently I did an overhaul in my closet and realized just how many white tees I own. I think an array of solid color tee shirts are a closet staple. However, a good white tee is hard to come by. It must have the right texture, opacity, fabric and durability. For a long time I bought them by the dozen at Forever 21. $3.50 a tee is a price you simply cannot beat, but when Forever had a moment of insanity and used different materials, their shirts became less desirable to me. (Or could it be that my cross over to adulthood at 22 changed my viewpoint? Ha.) In lieu of this change, I found some refuge at Target and their solid Mossimo tees until they changed those up, and then Banana Republic, and so on and so on. Damn these retailers. Can you tell I don’t appreciate change? Getting to the main dish here, I have found the perfect tee at Nordstrom. It’s soft as a fluffy kitty, comes in great colors and hugs in all the right places. The brand: Frenchi. Find it in the BP section. $20 so stock up before these tees disappear!


6 thoughts on “Perfect to a Tee

  1. I dunno I’m still a big fan of the Mossimo t’s but I certainly have too many solid color shirts in the closet right now…need something vibrant to bring me into spring!

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