Old Fashioned Austin Burger Joint

I have heard about Dan’s Hamburgers and seen the old timey signs, but the other day I got to experience one of their jalapeño cheeseburgers filled with greasy goodness. Oh, and I must give homage to the curly fries…yum. I would def go back! Perhaps my new carnivore haven…uh-oh Mighty Fine, watch out!

In exchange for a ride to the airport, my lovely co-worker and friend bribed me with lunch. When we pulled into the parking lot, the covered parking spots threw me off guard. I thought it was like Sonic or a drive-in style fast food place…not the case, anymore at least.  However after a little research I found out that Dan’s and Fran’s used to be one in the same, until Dan and Fran called it quits. Now they each have their own restaurants, and while I haven’t tried Fran’s I hear it is just as good. Maybe next time Fran.


4 thoughts on “Old Fashioned Austin Burger Joint

  1. I have always loved my Old Navy cotton ribbed sleeveless tees. They came in every color and were great. I thought I would go replace a few. To my shock they no longer exist. They have been replaced by a very thin version of the previous ones! They WERE perfect–not any more!

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