A New Nook

When I leased my apartment in June, I chose the floor plan that came with a sunroom instead of a balcony. For some reason I just felt that this sunroom would become a perfect “Jackie Space”. For three months the room belonged to Bella and it was a sad corner off my living room/ dining room. A few days ago I transformed my space into a little nook that reflects me.  I found a vintage reading chair, bought a cool floor lamp, hung some light curtains, nailed some black and white photos on the wall and refinished my bookcase with a grey wood stain.  I feel like it reflects my personality now, so I will unveil my work officially…

This little room redo took me a weekend and I am open to adding more…any small space suggestions? What do you think is essential in a reading nook?


7 thoughts on “A New Nook

  1. Look so great; everybody should have a little reading space! The only things I would add would be a tiny table to hold a cup of coffee and a throw blanket to cozy up in 🙂

  2. Thanks Logan! So I retiled a table with my mom but I felt like it overpowered my chair so I am still in search….I was thinking of recovering an ottoman that could double as a table. Good thinking on the throw blanket!! What kind of blanket/color?

  3. Hi Jackie, Your mom sent me this link and I love it!
    Your little sunroom/reading nook is such a great “me” space. Logan had a good idea about a table & a throw blanket. Maybe a small round pedestal table on the right side of the chair would not be so overpowering, but would balance the space. The ottoman is still a great idea also for pure comfort (and cuteness) Your colors are all so nice & neutral that your throw could have a little tiny “pop” of any color you like, Orange, green ,yellow, etc. Just take your time and you will know it when you see IT! Hopefully your mom will bring me over some time to see it. sometime.:-)

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